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Connecting Services

While EM Forster said, "Only connect," we know there is more to life than the Internet. But you still need to get online. First, you want the computer to get onto a network, either via Ethernet (Reed Hall/Laptop) or by phone (ISP). Once you're one, you want email, and you want to get to the Library. Here's the scoop. The core URLs are:

Reed Hall/Laptop users: If you live in Reed Hall, or if you want to use your laptop on campus, you must register you machine with NTS; OAC will help you. Follow instructions. Note that the ACC area has wireless access as well. Handouts are available at the Housing Office with detailed instructions. Call OAC at 5-2359 for any questions.

Wireless access is available at the ACC and Greenhouse (and environs).

ISP: There is no (free) JHU ISP for phone connections. If you want to connect, you have to pay on your own. See Expect to pay about $20/month for access. AVOID EXTRA FEATURES on your ISP contract. For instance, you don't need an email account or Web pages -- Hopkins gives you those. The Remote Access Services page at NTS refers you to Earthlink, Toad Net, Charm Net, Verio. AOL causes some trouble with Remote Access to University Libraries. These listings do not constitute endorsement by JHU, NTS, or OAC. Cable companies also operate in the Baltimore area, for the more adventurous and less patient.

Email: Your identity is registered in the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED), which is pre-defined once you've been accepted to the medical or graduate program. Once you have a Login ID (LID) and password defined in JHED, you can get email through the JH Enterprise Mail (JHEM) system, over the Web. Your email address is: where LoginID is your JHED LoginID. Thus, John Smith might have a Login ID of jsmith1, and email address of The email account is available throughout the world, and accepts attachments. If you use email for clinical care, extra rules apply. There are pages below with further details. See here for up to date details.

File Server: Space is available for storing and sharing files over the Web. Check out here.

Remote Access to University Libraries (RAUL): It's great being able to get full text textbook and journal articles over the Web. It's even better getting them from home. To do this, the Library has to think that you are connected from campus. To do this, you use a legerdemain called RAUL. Follow these instructions to set your browser (still, preferably Netscape Navigator, and no over AOL) to enable this functionality.

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