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Faculty Services

We will work with you to develop computer-based educational material ranging from components of a presentation to full scale multimedia courseware. In allocating resources, we give top priority to faculty who want to develop materials that will be integrated into the graduate and medical curriculum.

We have a small amount of funds to purchase software for use in the M.D. curriculum and can seek demonstration copies of commercial software for evaluation by faculty and students.

A variety of faculty curricular support services are available:

  • Consultation with course director or faculty member on instructional design and technology integration
  • Development of computer-based lecture materials
  • Selection and integration of preexisting software programs
  • Training for faculty, staff, and students
  • Customized handouts and other student materials to facilitate ease of use
  • Evaluation of intervention
  • Conversion of lecture materials to Web format (notes, images, animations, etc.)
  • Web-based lecture / course student evaluation

Student Services

A variety of student-focused curricular support services exist throughout the East Baltimore campus.

  • Blackboard
  • Information on accessing email.
  • Information on tracking down an internet service provider.
  • Academic Computing Center (ACC)
    The majority of the computers available for student use are in the ACC, located on the first floor of the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building, room 116. The ACC has a computer lab with 30 NT based computers and 8 Macintosh computers. In addition to the basic productivity software, the ACC houses and maintains the OAC collection of educational software and computer-assisted instruction programs. The computers are set up to access the Internet for e-mail and Web access.
  • PCTB computers
    We work with the ACC staff to support the computers in the small group rooms on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the Pre-Clinical Teaching Building. The programs on these computers change on a regular basis and are related to the first and second year medical school curriculum. Ideally, use of these computers is integrated into the small group and lab sessions. These computers are mounted on moveable carts and can be wheeled into the labs as needed. Please contact Bruce Hornick to arrange this service. These rooms are accessible 24 hours a day and all have Internet connections.

Pharos Software Installers

To install the Pharos software on your computer to printer to the OAC printers. Click Here

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