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Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
Office of Academic Computing
1600 McElderry St
MEB 310
Baltimore, MD 21205
Tel: 410.955.2359
Fax: 443.287.5089
The mission of the Office of Academic Computing (OAC) in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is to improve medical and graduate education through the informed research, adoption, and evaluation of educational technology. This unit supplies core technology and services, including curriculum support to faculty and students, and operation of student computing facilities.

The OAC gains strategic insight through research, development, and assessment of educational technology. Specifically, a working knowledge of emerging technologies and trends allows the OAC to respond insightfully to challenges posed by involved medical faculty and students seeking to enhance the curriculum through the use of technology.

The Office of Academic Computing's services include both proprietary software / web-based services from outside vendors and a local portfolio of learning resources. The material is developed by the OAC and / or designed in collaboration with faculty members and curriculum experts in the Johns Hopkins medical and graduate community.

The ob jectives are summarized by the following themes:
  • Facilitating faculty / student interaction through collaborative and virtual learning
  • Providing curriculum resources when they are wanted and where they are needed
  • Improving the faculty and student user experience with educational technology

New ideas that build on the existing computing architecture include the following domains:
  • Ubiquitous / Mobile curriculum access and information on-demand
  • Collaborative, synchronous, and virtual learning
  • Portals, social networks, and ad-hoc learning communities
  • Individual web authoring, blogs, and wikis
Harry R. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, School of Medicine
Director, Office of Academic Computing
Faculty, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Tel: 410.955.2359
Fax: 443.287.5089