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Cardiovascular Physiology Redefined
Active Learning Methodology

We propose a new mode of instruction that uses digital technologies and active learning strategies to craft an integrated knowledge base of core principles applied to relevant clinical cases.

Our hypothesis is that streaming lecture technology can be used to deliver foundation content in preparation for classroom discussions.

Student-faculty interactions are more Socratic in nature. We include interactive simulations, clinical correlations and team based research presentations.
Addressing the issue of information overload

All students in the cardiovascular section of the First Year physiology course (Organ Systems) were required to view the lecture content before attending class. This prerequisite made it possible to use class time for a variety of active learning activities that would otherwise have not been possible due to time constraints.

The potential increased workload of asking students to view lectures outside of the classroom and then to discuss the content within the classroom was addressed by decreasing the number of lectures in the course; the content that was eliminated from lecture was presented in the form of group discussion.