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Curriculum : Redefining Cardiovascular Physiology Instruction
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    Patient Rounds
    Small student groups meet with clinical faculty for patient rounds. During these scheduled meetings with the clinical teaching faculty, students discuss how the material they studied in the e-lectures can be applied to the clinical practice of medicine.
Integrated Curriculum
Each lecture and its scheduled learning
activities are closely integrated in relation
to the broader course theme, "Cardiovascular
Physiology - From Molecules to the System
and the Clinic"
We developed a series of digitized workbooks
to help students in their understanding of the
circulatory system. As the instructor narrates
the lesson, she provides animated illustrations
to visualize the lecture topic. The online
workbooks review those areas which have
significant clinical relevance and where ther
is direct applications from basic physical
Lab sessions
In interactive laboratory sessions, student
teams put theory and factual information
into practice by using computer generated
or physical models that supplement the
lecture material. Instructors are able to
devote much more individualized attention
to student questions
Question and Answer database
After the e-lecture material is presented, an
online question and answer forum is scheduled
so that students can review material prior to
discussing it with the faculty.