Faculty Development
Team-based Learning
Q: How do we promote team-based learning in the classroom?
A: Team-based learning succeeds when the teaching materials support independent thinking and problem solving, provide clinically relevant topics, and the tutors possess group facilitation skills.
Online cases
Q: Can web-based case studies complement learning in clinical settings?
A: Yes. Online case-based forums provide structured discussion and analysis of specific clinical scenarios without reduction of time spent with patients.
Active learning
Q: What is the value of active learning?
A: Active learning promotes collaboration and constructivist learning styles.
New curriculum
Q: What is it?
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Classroom technologies
How can I use whiteboards effectively?
One method is to organize students in small groups, whose networked laptops would use software to access the whiteboards and work collaboratively on problem sets. The instructor moves among the groups answering questions. Students summarize their work and present to the entire class.
Future topics
Blended (hybrid) course design
Digital anatomy
Preparation for the Wards

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