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Online Training for Glaucoma Diagnosis
At a Glance

To provide Residents with an online training module for Glaucoma Diagnosis

To develop and present an extensive video library of images for assessment

Fig 1: Example of Glaucoma course interface

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Wilmer Eye Institute

Office of Academic Computing
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
1600 McElderry St
MEB 310
Baltimore, MD 21210


In partnership with the Wilmer Eye Center, we have developed a multimedia-enhanced learning environment for Ophthalmology residents concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

The comprehensive Glaucoma lesson includes:

Fig 2: Glaucoma online lecture: Examples of teaching illustrations and a video clip

As an example, consider the Gonio Evaluation. In this module, each of the 59 questions presents a video clip. In the next step, the Residents click to view the video.

After watching the clip, the Residents identify the range from open to closed by selecting one of the multiple choice answers, as shown here in Fig. 3.

Fig 3: A sample question from the Gonio Exam