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Your main Blackboard contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Questions concerning Blackboard enrollments and logins? Please contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Start in the Survey Manager

  • To create an evaluation, go to Control Panel > Assessment > Survey Manager > Add Survey

  • Fig 1: Survey Manager, Control Panel view

  • In the Survey Information page > Type evaluation Name > Enter Description and Instructions (optional) > Submit  > OK
  • On the Survey Canvas, add evaluation content
  • Select a Question Type from the Drop-down menu > Click the “Go” button
  • Enter Question text > Enter answer(s), if applicable > Submit > OK
  • Continue to add questions in Survey Canvas, as needed > When done, Submit > OK
Post in a content area
  • To post a survey, return to the main Control Panel area
  • Choose a Content Area for the evaluation location, e.g, "Assignments"
  • To post your survey in this content area, go to the "Select" drop-down menu, located in the upper right corner of the page (Fig 2a)

    Fig 2a: Add a Survey > Select View
  • Choose Survey from the Select menu options; Click Go
  • In the “Select an existing Survey” box on the Add Survey page, select your evaluation; Submit; OK

    Fig 2b: Learning Unit drop-down menu > Select "Survey"

Adjust survey settings

  • On the Modify the Survey page, click “Modify the Survey Options” (Fig 3)

    Fig 3: Survey settings > Student access

  • Select the evaluation settings, e.g., availability, feedback, presentation features; Submit; OK
  • To make your evaluation available, on the Survey Options page, scroll down to #2, and check "Yes"for "Survey Availability”
  • Select Multiple attempts
  • Review and choose any remaining options; When completed, click Submit; OK; OK
  • To confirm evaluation availability > Exit Control Panel and navigate to the main course page, student view
  • Click evaluation content area button, e.g., Assignments
  • Click evaluation link to preview
  1. I'd like to re-use a survey. Is this possible?
  2. Yes, you can re-use an existing survey. However, avoid editing the existing survey from last year, due to a Blackboard issue. Instead, edit a copy of the existing survey.
    Read More
  3. Am I able to copy an evaluation from one of my other Blackboard courses?
  4. No, Blackboard lacks the functionality to copy assessments across different course sites. You will need to create a new survey in your course.
  5. How do I remove a survey when the course ends?
  6. You have two options: 1) make it unavailable in its content area; 2) remove it from the course content location, and retaining its template in the Survey Manager.

If you have any questions about assessments, please contact:
Susan Mrozowski