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Your main Blackboard contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Questions concerning Blackboard enrollments and logins? Please contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Add a Quiz

  • To create a quiz, go to Control Panel - Assessment - Test Manager (Fig 1)

    Fig 1: Test Manager, Control Panel view

  • Click "Add Test"
  • In the Test Information page - Enter the name of the test (required) - Add Description and Instructions (optional) - ClickSubmit
  • To add quiz content, from the Test Canvas page - Select a question type from the "Add" drop-down menu, (common types are multiple choice, short answer, and matching) (Fig 2)

  • Fig 2: List of question types

  • Click the “GO” button
  • Enter Question text - Provide "Point Value" (e.g., 1 point per question, 5 points per question, etc)
  • Enter Correct Answer(s) as needed
  • Continue to add questions in Test Canvas, as needed
  • When done, click OK - OK
Post in Content Area
  • To post a test for student use, return to the main Control Panel area
  • Choose a Content Area for the test location, e.g, "Assignments"
  • Click the "Add Test" icon, located in the upper toolbar (see Fig 3)

    Fig 3: Add test icon

  • Select to highligh ta new quiz from the "Add Test" drop down menu (Fig 4)
  • Submit - OK

    Fig 4: List of tests shown in drop-down menu
Adjust test settings
  1. On the Modify Test page, to modify content, Select “Modify the Test”
  2. To make the quiz available, and to change feedback and presentation options, on the Modify Test page, Select “Modify the Test Options”
  3. On Test Options Page, in the “Test Availability section, check "YES – Do you want to make link visible?"
  4. Click to select other options as desired
  5. When done, click Submit - OK - OK
  6. To confirm quiz availability, return to main course area
  7. Select content menu button; Clickthe quiz link to preview

If you have any questions about assessments, please contact:
Susan Mrozowski