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Your main Blackboard contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Questions concerning Blackboard enrollments and logins? Please contact:
Susan Mrozowski

the original quiz

  • To edit an existing quiz, from the Control Panel, go to a content area where it is currently posted e.g., "Assignments"
  • On the right side of the page, across from the Quiz listing, Click "Modify" to change availability status; Ok (Fig 1)
  • Fig 1: Edit an existing test

  • On the "Modify Test Page" click "Modify the Test Options;" OK (Fig 2)

  • Fig 2: Modify settings

  • Change the quiz from "available" to "unavailable" (Fig 3)

    (Note: By changing the status of a quiz to "unavailable," you now have access to its questions during the editing process.)

  • Fig 3: To edit a quiz, first make it unavailable

  • If students have taken this assessment, Blackboard warns you about existing student response data. Please read carefully before making your selection.
  • Click Submit; OK
  • When you remove a quiz from the content area, the main assessment template, held in the Test Manager, is unaffected. This means you can reuse any test if its template remains in the Test Manager. When a test is deleted from the Test Manager, however, the assessment and its corresponding student data, are erased and cannot be retrieved.

Re-creating a Quiz

  • In the Control Panel, return to the Assessments area and go to the Test Manager; Click "Add Test" (Fig 4)

    Fig 4: Start to copy a quiz
  • On the "Test Information Page," enter a new title. Although Blackboard permits the use of an existing assessment title, resist the temptation. Even if the test is the same, it is very confusing when two quizzes exist with duplicate titles.
  • Click Submit; OK
  • From the Test Canvas page, to begin building your quiz, use the "Add" question type feature

Rebuilding the Quiz

  • From the drop-down menu, select the question type labeled: "From a Question Pool or Assessment" (Fig 5)

  • Fig 5: Add a Question Pool
  • Review Creation Settings, if applicable
  • On the "Search Pool and Assessments" page, select the title of the test to be copied
  • Click to select question types - a good choice is "Select All" (Fig 6)

    Fig 6: Question Pool options
  • Click Search
  • On the "Search Pool and Assessments" page, view the questions contained in the original assessment
  • Click "Select All" to check all questions; Submit

Edit Assessment

  • On the Test Canvas page, view the copy of your original assessment.
  • Review and edit as needed
  • Scroll to bottom of page when you've completed your edits - Click OK
  • When you submit your edits, Blackboard returns to the main Test Manager page.
  • From here, simply re-post the edited assessment in your chosen content area.
  • See "Post a Quiz" for instructions on returning the edited quiz to its content area

If you have any questions about creating or editing an assessment, please contact:

Susan Mrozowski