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View results

  • To access Gradebook content > Control Panel > Assessment > Gradebook
  • For survey and quiz results, view the Gradebook Spreadsheet (Fig 1)
  • Fig 1: Accessing Gradebook Information

  • Click the title of an assessment, located in the top row of the Spreadsheet column (Fig 2)

    Fig 2: Modify setting
  • From the Item Options page, select "Assessment Attempt details" (Fig 3)

  • Fig 3: Location of the Assessment data

  • Click Submit; OK
  • To retain an actual image of the results, Select all > Copy > Paste in Word document.

download grades

  • From the Gradebook Spreadsheet view, you can download and save an assessment's responses as a comma-delimited file for use in a spreadsheet program. (Fig 4)

    Fig 4: Export survey responses or quiz grades
  • Select Download Grades
  • Click Download and select where to save the Gradebook file. Downloading an assessment's data doesn't remove any information from the Gradebook in Blackboard
  • The results of a survey can be downloaded for statistical analysis. Analysis is done through another application. Only the results of Multiple Choice and True / False questions are included in a results download because these questions have a limited set of defined answers.
  • This file can be uploaded to a Gradebook in Blackboard at a later date.

rearrange the Gradebook

  • From the Control Panel, Assessments > Select "Gradebook" > Select "Manage Items" (Fig 5)

  • Fig 5: Reset Gradebook columns
  • To set the order for items to be listed on the View Spreadsheet page > Click the drop-down list next to each item and select the order for them to appear

If you have any questions about the Gradebook, please contact:

Susan Mrozowski