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Susan Mrozowski

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Susan Mrozowski

From the Survey Manager to a Content Area
  • To post a test for student use, return to the main Control Panel area
  • Choose a Content Area for the test location, e.g, "Assignments"
  • Click the "Add Test" icon, located in the upper toolbar (see Fig 1)

  • Fig 1: Add test icon

  • From the "Add Test" drop down menu (Fig 2), search the listing of available tests
  • Click the name of your test
  • Click Submit; OK

    Fig 2: Tests shown in a drop-down menu
Adjust test settings
  • Once you have selected the test, you are asked to choose test settings
  • From the Modify the Test page, click the second link, “Modify the Test Options” (Fig 3)

    Fig 3: Options link

  • On the "Test Options" page, you are able to adjust test availability, feedback, and presentation
  • In Section 2, "Test Availability," (Fig 4), note the default availability setting for an assessment is "No"
  • In order to make your quiz available, at the "Make the link available” selection, check "Yes"

  • Fig 4: Availability options

  • Select "Multiple Attempts" if students are permitted to retake the test
  • Note: If you chose this option, students are able to save their answers, exit the test, and resume at a later time
  • CIn the "Display After" option, you are able to set the start time / date and the end time / date of the assessment
  • As you scroll down the page, in Section 4, note the default Feedback option is "Score" only (Fig 5)
  • If you choose to include any additional feedback options, students will receive more information with their score. A useful three-part combination is: Score, Submitted answers, and Correct Answers

  • Fig 5: Feedback options

  1. Next, choose the test's presentation settings (Fig 6)

  2. Fig 6: Feedback options

  3. Note the default presentation setting is "All at Once"
  4. If you want the test questions to appear individually, select "One at a time"
  5. When you have completed your selections, click Submit; OK; OK
  6. To confirm assessment availability, exit the Control Panel
  7. Navigate to the main course page, student view
  8. Click the relevant content area button, e.g., Assignments
  9. Confirm test availability
  10. Click Quiz link to preview (Fig 7)

    Fig 7: Take the test in student view

If you have any questions about assessments, please contact:
Susan Mrozowski