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Susan Mrozowski

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Susan Mrozowski

1) Using the Copy Content feature

  • Enter the Control Panel
  • In "Content Areas, make a selection, e.g., "Course Documents"
  • From the "Add Content" page, select "Copy" on the top right corner, located below the "Select: Learning Unit" drop-down box

Fig 1: The Copy Content process

2) Choosing a Destination

  • In the Copy / Move folder window, go to "Destination"
  • Select the “Browse” button to open the “Select a location” pop-up box
  • Browse to select a location > Click Submit

Fig 2: Browse your course list

3) Completing the Copy Content Process

  • The default setting is to retain the copied item in its original location

    Fig 3: Default setting for Copy Content

  • To delete the item from its original location, return to the the "Copy or Move Item Page"
  • Select “Yes, delete item after copy”
  • Click Submit > OK
  • Return to the main course view to confirm your course changes


If you have any questions about removing users, please contact:

Susan Mrozowski