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Your main Blackboard contact:
Susan Mrozowski

Questions concerning Blackboard enrollments and logins?
Please contact:

Susan Mrozowski






1. Before the course: Prepare a spreadsheet*

*NOTE: Because our office automatically batch-enrolls the medical students in the core curriculum (e.g., the First Year Medical School Course, Second Year Medical School Course in Pathophysiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology), these instructions apply to Medical School enrollment requests for any non-core courses and requests for all of the Medical School Graduate courses.

To request student enrollments, please provide your roster as an Excel spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet will include four fields (See Fig 1):
  1. Last name
  2. First name
  3. Email address
  4. JHED ID

Fig 1: Sample Enrollment Request Spreadsheet

An easy way to submit student information is to use the master list we receive from the Registrar's office. Contact our office for a copy of the spreadsheet.

Scan over the student list for your particular course. Find those names on our master list. Retain those names on the sheet and delete all other names.

Send the revised spreadsheet with your enrollment request.

2. Submit your enrollment request

Attach your Excel spreadsheet in an email message to:

Susan Mrozowski

In the body of your email request, please include:
  1. course name
  2. your name
  3. your contact information
Normally it takes less than 24 hours to register names; at the beginning of the school year expect a doubling of that time (once the properly formatted spreadsheet has been received).
3. During the course: Manage enrollments

During the semester, faculty may use any of the User Management options in Blackboard, except two:
  • they should not enter new students into the system
  • they should not change a student’s password

4. After the course: Clear student lists

At the end of the semester, the course administrators will remove all students from the course in preparation for the next iteration of the course.

All evaluations and grade book scores will be removed when the student is removed. Be certain to back up this data by either printing it out or saving it to a text file.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Susan Mrozowski