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Susan Mrozowski

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Susan Mrozowski

Survey location and settings

  • To make your survey available (to deploy) - Go to Control Panel - Select Content Area, e.g., Assignments, Course Documents, etc. (Fig 1)

  • Fig 1: Survey location choice

  • In the Content Area, click the drop-down arrow at the right top corner, associated with the "Select Learning Unit" drop-down menu (Fig 2)
  • Select "Survey" - Click "Go"

  • Fig 2: Select survey menu

  • From the "Add Survey" page - Review the list of available surveys and select your survey
  • Submit - OK

    Modify survey settings

  • To apply settings, e.g, availability, number of attempts, feedback style, etc., select "Modify the Survey Settings" on the Modify Survey page
  • Submit > OK

  • Fig 3: Adjust survey settings

  • In section 2, "Survey Availability," click "Yes" to activate your survey for student use
  • Select "Multiple Attempts" - "Allow unlimited attempts" to permit unlimited access. This option is recommended for evaluation settings. It allows students to save responses and to revisit the survey until they are ready to submit the final version
  • The "Display After" option permits the selection of specific dates and times. These calendar settings are useful for timed availability of a survey and timed expiration (Fig 4)

  • Fig 4: Timed Start and End settings
  • Edit remaining survey options
  • Click Submit - OK
  • Exit the Control Panel
  • Return to the main course page to confirm survey's location and availability

If you have any questions about using assessments, please contact:

Susan Mrozowski