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Susan Mrozowski

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Reasons to Provide Print-Only Versions

  • The white background provides ample space for note-taking and comments
  • Grayscale-formatted slides have a significantly reduced impact on printer maintenance and components, e.g., toner refill and fuser replacement
  • When color lecture slides are posted as Adobe PDF files, students are unable to change the settings to a black and white print version
What to Do
  • Provide grayscale slides in PDF format (See Fig 1)

    Fig 1: Example of lecture slides converted to grayscale Print Version

  • State "View Only" and "Print Only" in document titles (See Fig 2)

    Fig 2: Example of dual document listing: "For Print" in red text next to "View Only" color version
What to Avoid

Fig 3: Lecture slides example, dark background

  • Only posting lecture slides with dark backgrounds (See Fig 3)
  • Only posting lecture slides with dark backgrounds in Adobe PDF format
  • Posting a print version of the slides, but without the "Print Only" designation
What to use


An application to convert color PowerPoint slides to grayscale slides, PDF file format

Microsoft Support

Convert documents between Word & PDF


If you have any questions, please contact:
Susan Mrozowski