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Introductory Concepts in General Pathology

On behalf of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Pathology Department and the Office of Medical Informatics Education we welcome you to the Introductory Concepts in General Pathology Homepage.

Teaching introductory pathology concepts on the computer rather than in small groups will enable instruction to move forward into Organ System Pathology more quickly. Computer-based instruction also allows a self-directed program, with each individual moving through at their own pace. In addition, the computer enables side-by-side image comparison. This resource is available on-line 24 hours.

How to use the Program:
To begin, select tutorial you wish to view (Reversible Cell Injury, Irreversible Cell Injury, etc). Click in the introduction for that tutorial and read the learning objectives. To start the tutorial click on the first concept (i.e. Reversible cell Injury/cell edema). The concept page provides a text description as well as links to related images. The image page provides a slide description, list of structures, structure descriptions, and links to other images. Should you want to compare/contrast images simply click on the "Compare/Contrast Images" button at the very bottom of the screen. Comparison of pathology change and normal parenchyma can sometimes be made within the single image provided. In other cases, a normal image is provided for comparison from the Histology Image Database, created by Dr. Renee Dintzis, Course Director for Year 1 Histology.

In quite a number of the illustrative cases, the program recapitulates what one should do in examining slide materials - orientation and localization of the lesion at low power, followed by a higher power image to examine structural details.

The evaluation component at the end of each tutorial section is very important, enabling us to modify and strengthen the program based on your feedback. Please take the time to respond briefly to the evaluation prompts.

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Last Updated: July 30, 1999