Interactive Lab Exercises

Labs are interactive work areas that encourage students to compare and contrast scenarios, adjust model parameters, and see results. The Disease States Lab encourages students to compare spirogram tracings, compliance curves, and expiratory flow rates for normal, obstructive, and restrictive pulmonary diseases. Students may use a question bank to focus their exploration. The Statics Lab enables students to specify a patient's lung volume and glottis state. The resulting lung and chest-wall recoil pressures are depicted using illustrations, graphs and equations.

1- Gas Exchange Lung Model

Objective: User will be able to interactively change ventilatory variables, inspired oxygen, and introduce values typical of various pathologic conditions to see their effect on blood gas concentrations.
Effects of ventilation
Cardiac Output
VQ Mismatch
Estimated time to complete lab when used in conjunction with the on-line user guide: 2 hours

2- Disease States

Objective: User will be able to identify the spirometer tracings, compliance curves, and expiratory flow rates of patients with obstructive, and restrictive diseases.
Obstructive disorders
Restrictive disorders
Spirometer tracings
Compliance curves
Expiratory flow rate
Estimated time to complete tutorial: 20 minutes

3- Statics

Objective: Users will be able to demonstrate the relationship between chest wall and lung recoil at various percentages of total lung capacity.
Static pressures
Chest recoil
Lung recoil
Estimated time to complete tutorial: 10 minutes

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