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1. Enhancing Humane Science: Improving Animal Research - Opening

2. Introduction to Humane Science

3. Rodent Surgery – Quality Matters

4. Post-Procedural Care

5. Pain and Distress: Measurement, Avoidance and Relief

6. Impact of Stress on Quality of Data

7. Humane Endpoints in Animal Research

8. Animal Welfare – The Five Freedoms

9. Environmental Enrichment in Rodent Studies: Functional Outcomes

10. Overview of Non-Invasive Imaging in Rodents

11. In Vitro and Other Replacement Approaches

12. Experimental Design, Basic Statistics, & Sample Size Determination

Alan M. Goldberg/James Owiny

Andrew Rowan/Alan M. Goldberg

Randy Brown

Sylvia Singletary/Christian Newcomer

Norman Peterson

Andrew Rowan

James Owiny

Julie Watson

Tomás Guilarte

Kathy Gabrielson

Alan M. Goldberg/James Yager

Karl W. Broman